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What are some of the general risks associated with stem cell treatments?

Unlike surgeries and medications, there are little to no risks associated with stem cell treatments.Since stem cells are delivered via an injection, there is very small risk of infection at the injection site but that is true with any type of injection. In rare cases, some patients may feel a little headache or soreness that goes away within a few hours. Stem cell treatment are generally very safe and present no major risks.

Can a person use stem cells collected from one’s own body to treat different conditions?

Yes, this can be done but it is not as effective and optimal as using the fresh stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue. As we age, our own stem cells tend to lose their full healing potential and we also have less and less stem cells available in our bodies due to aging. Using fresh and most potent stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue is a much better and effective alternative to using our own stem cells.

Can my body reject the stem cells?

No, stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue are naturally immune privileged. This means that our body's immune system does not rejects them.

Where do you get stem cells that are used in treatments?

We receive our tissue from the FDA licensed and registered tissue banks that are located in the United States. These tissue bank are monitored and regulated by the FDA and go through very rigorous quality control processes to get licensed. All tissue from these tissue banks have to meet the safety criteria and standards set by the FDA.

About how many cells are being implanted during the procedure?

The amount of stem cells being implanted depends on your individualized treatment plan. However all treatments involve implanting several million of stem cells.

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Vibrant Health Care offers financing through GreenSky and CareCredit. Finance plans range up to 12 months with no interest and up to 63 months with interest. Both offer free soft credit checks to see how much credit one can receive to help pay for stem cell treatments.
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