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We use a proactive approach to dive deeper into your medical history and injury. We try to find out the real origin of your injury, not only the symptoms.
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We use a proactive approach to dive deeper into your medical history. We try to find out the real origin of your injury and health concerns, not only the symptoms.

Targeted delivery of stem cells

We use ultrasound to deliver adult stem cells 
into affected areas of your body. The procedure
 is fast and virtually painless, requiring little to 
no downtime.

Ongoing improvements

You might notice an immediate difference, with optimal results appearing over time. Most treatments are one time, and do not require follow up injections. In some cases, your doctor may recommend a series of stem cell injections to help you achieve the best possible outcome.
Longterm well-being improved
Post injury pain relief

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into many different types of cells throughout the body including muscle cells and brain cells. They serve as a repair system for the body.

We all have stem cells, but as we age not only do the number of stem cells in our body decline, the effectiveness and healing ability of our stem cells also suffers. Stem cell therapy can introduce millions of new stem cells into the body to promote natural healing and repair damaged tissues or organs. Vibrant Health Care only uses adult stem cells from FDA approved tissue banks.

Where do stem cells come from?

Vibrant uses adult stem cells that are harvested from placenta and umbilical cord tissue, donated by mothers after a full term pregnancy and healthy C-Section childbirth.

This tissue is full of growth factors, stem cells and many other healing components. In the past, the placenta was discarded after the child birth but now due to the advancements in medical science, we are able to put that to good use and heal patients from it.

What conditions can stem cells help with?

StemCells can be used to help treat:
      • sports injuries
      • orthopedics issues
      • auto-immune disorders
      • sexual dysfunction
      • neck & back pain
      • neurodegenerative disorders
      • and numerous other conditions.

During the free consultation, our doctors will go over your specific condition and how it can benefit from stem cell therapy.

Is there evidence that stem cells actually work?

Yes. Clinical trials proving that stem cell treatments can treat a number of conditions have been completed all across the world. There are over 6000 clinical studies posted on website that prove the efficacy of stem cell treatments in a wide variety of health conditions.

At Vibrant Health Care we have had fantastic results treating numerous conditions such as chronic pain, degenerative diseases, auto-immune disorders and numerous others. Check out the testimonials page to see real examples of how stem cells reduced pain and greatly improved quality of life.

How long does it take to work?

The timing of benefits from stem cell therapy can vary from patient to patient. Some patients see results in as little as two days.

Generally the symptoms continue to improve up to 3 months with full treatment benefits showing in 6 to 9 months.
injuries that can be healed

There’s no limit for stem cells

Joint Pains

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Nerve Pain: 
Neuropathy & Neuromyopathy

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Knee Pains

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Shoulder Pains

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Hip Pains

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Lung Issues (COPD/Asthma)

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Ulcerative Colitis

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Dr. Edgar Suter
Stem Cell specialist at Vibrant Health
Your pain is like an iceberg. You only see the symptoms, but the real origin of it can be much deeper. For example, your back pain can have origin in elbow injury that makes your posture bend.
Proactive approach

We dive deep in your injury

At Vibrant Health we believe in healing the origin of your pain rather than treating only it’s symptoms. We use modern medicine to have full understanding of your body.
Certified stem cells

FDA Licensed and Registered Tissue Banks

We receive our tissue from FDA licensed and registered tissue banks that are located within the United States. These tissue banks are monitored and regulated by the FDA and go through a very rigorous quality control process to get licensed and maintain their registration. All tissue from these tissue banks have to meet the safety criteria and standards set by the FDA.
Meet Your doctorS

Years of experience for the best care

Edgar Suter, MD

Edgar Suter, MD, is the Medical Director and Quality Assurance Officer at Vibrant Health Care
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Cherie McIntyre

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Joan Ardavanis

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Frequently asked questionS

We are here to answer your questions

What are some of the general risks associated with stem cell treatments?

Unlike surgeries and medications, there are little to no risks associated with stem cell treatments.Since stem cells are delivered via an injection, there is very small risk of infection at the injection site but that is true with any type of injection. In rare cases, some patients may feel a little headache or soreness that goes away within a few hours. Stem cell treatment are generally very safe and present no major risks.

Can a person use stem cells collected from one’s own body to treat different conditions?

Yes, this can be done but it is not as effective and optimal as using the fresh stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue. As we age, our own stem cells tend to lose their full healing potential and we also have less and less stem cells available in our bodies due to aging. Using fresh and most potent stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue is a much better and effective alternative to using our own stem cells.

Can my body reject the stem cells?

No, stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue are naturally immune privileged. This means that our body's immune system does not rejects them.

Where do you get stem cells that are used in treatments?

We receive our tissue from the FDA licensed and registered tissue banks that are located in the United States. These tissue bank are monitored and regulated by the FDA and go through very rigorous quality control processes to get licensed. All tissue from these tissue banks have to meet the safety criteria and standards set by the FDA.

About how many cells are being implanted during the procedure?

The amount of stem cells being implanted depends on your individualized treatment plan. However all treatments involve implanting several million of stem cells.

Financing options

Get your treatment financed

Vibrant Health Care offers financing through GreenSky and CareCredit. Finance plans range up to 12 months with no interest and up to 63 months with interest. Both offer free soft credit checks to see how much credit one can receive to help pay for stem cell treatments.
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